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Energy Work & Clear-burns by Pappas-Kelley

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It’s not often that you commission a piece of art and then watch as it is burnt, but that’s exactly what this entails. This is a very powerful form of energy and Akashic work performed with images and is one of my specialties. 


Working with your intention, I channel it into an image/drawing which I then gather and place in your records working with your upper dimensional aspect as the image is burned for release and integration.


Clear-burns are great for clarifying when you:


  • are embarking on a new endeavour

  • feeling the need to get unstuck

  • manifesting something new

  • working through past trauma

  • or uncovering patterns that no longer serve


Each process is created and attuned to you and your intention specifically and you’ll receive a short video of the image being integrated/released through the burn after the process is complete. Some people use this as a meditation or reflection prompt or keep video as an art object.


This can also serve as an initiation of sorts as connecting on a deeper level with your own personal truth.

Learn more about Pappas-Kelley here.

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