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Charalampos Tzanakis: All Out in the Open - placeholders until true release

One of those strange attractors transmitting from afar that orbits across the landscape of experimental writing is Sweat Drenched Press. With a reputation for taking chances, the powerhouse behind it is Zak Ferguson and partner in crime Laura Marshall with their unhinged faculty for releasing frenetic interventions through the small press. I interviewed Ferguson a while back over at the Rumpus when the project was first launching and it has been absorbing to trace the arc from which it has grown.

The newest release from SDP to arrive is All Out in the Open from the artist writer Charalampos Tzanakis. Tzanakis is an enigmatic and fervent artist and this assemblage of notebook drawings, vignettes, and reflections exert an alchemy of sorts through the searching quality and automatic uncovering approach.

Charalampos Tzanakis describes:

My drawings and writings will be unearthed - I look at them as placeholder until true release, action comes - movement towards my dreams so they have open ended quality. You can for sure see yourself in them, it is not hope but I am sure they feel like mirror or secretly transmit ideas so you free yourself. The rough edges of the drawings end up in right looking whole final image so I know I am free. Not long after I complete the drawing without prior thought automatic style it feels like it was always meant to happen. I put it away, hide it and I unearth it months, even years later - when I do I don't remember how it looks or when I did it. It is born again, like every time you place it somewhere or you look - so I am free.

Charalampos Tzanakis is an artist writer from Greece. He works all the time in writings and drawing, coming up with ideas about raw art and at Instagram. All Out in the Open is available through Sweat Drenched Press.

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