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Expansion and Collapse: Zak Ferguson at the Rumpus

Updated: Jun 18

Yes, we all must make our own underground, because there really is no avant-garde, no more room or spaces allowed for the people with the real rushing of blood keeping the actual heart of these creative movements alive any longer.”

There’s a great interview with invert/extant author Zak Ferguson over at the Rumpus. He talks about wandering burnt-out buildings in the UK, the legacy of underground or zine culture, vaporwave, his autism, his awakening as a writer, as well as a bit about his forthcoming book Art is Autism.

Rumpus: “Zak Ferguson’s work is mental in the best possible sense of the word. His work is unsettling. He is a self-professed experimental writer (I am an experimentalist!) and you can see how he approaches each aleatory novel or book with its own rules, lucidity, and structures as with this new series of interiors that are underway. The logic of Ferguson’s work is one of expansion and collapse, putting forward a thread only to subtlety fold in or snap under, yet still felt in body and under skin.”

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