Over at Bomb: A Somber Hope - Jordan Rothacker Interviewed

There's a brilliant new interview over at Bomb Magazine about Rothacker's newest book:

I have never met Jordan Rothacker. He has never met me. And yet we have asked each other questions that I’m not sure that we would have the courage to pose face-to-face. How often are you inclined to probe a friend about the mystery of faith? It is not a casual endeavor because it is not a casual subject. Fortunately for me, Rothacker’s work invites such inquiries. I came to his work through 1888Center, where we both published our short fiction. I picked up The Pit, and No Other Stories, an early novel of his, followed by And Wind Will Wash Away, and then Gristle: Weird Tales, andMy Shadow Book. According to writer Matt Nell Hill, Rothacker’s latest novel, The Death of the Cyborg Oracle (Spaceboy Books), is “a holy lamb in wolf’s clothing…on the surface we have a futuristic detective yarn centered on a gruesomely violent murder, but at its heart it’s a treatise on the destructive power of unfettered capitalism and the redemptive magic of faith on both a personal and community level.”

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