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The Torture of the 100 Pieces

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We recently announced that Steve Finbow is becoming part of the stable of Invert/Extant with his forthcoming book Francis Bacon from A to Z. There is a great essay over at 3:AM Magazine by Finbow about Martin Bladh and Karolina Urbaniak’s new book The Torture of the 100 Pieces.

Or what Michael Peppiatt wrote about Francis Bacon’s paintings: “In these images the human body is reinvented as a set of dislocated, semi-organic forms, but it remains fully recognizable, creating an ambiguity between what is seen and what is signified that challenges many assumptions about what it is to be a human being”.

Also: Francis Bacon from A to Z:

Inspired by the documentary L'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze, this book explores and analyzes the life, works, inspirations, influences and legacy of Francis Bacon. In a series of essays ranging from the biographical through critical theory to nonfictional responses, From A to Z forms an overall critique of Bacon’s oeuvre from his earliest work in design through the triptychs, heads and popes to the late pared-down canvases. From Artaudian bodies without organs to zones of indiscernibility, this autonomous abecedarian study reveals transgressive and radical aspects of the artist and his work.


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