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Zac's Drug Binge: The New GIF Novel from Dennis Cooper

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Out today is Dennis Cooper's newest GIF novel over at Kiddiepunk press.(NSFW)

From Kiddiepunk:

ZAC’S DRUG BINGE represents an evolution in the GIF novel form that Dennis Cooper invented with ZAC’S HAUNTED HOUSE(2015) and further refined in 2016’s ZAC’S FREIGHT ELEVATOR. Taking visual cues from an imaginary drug binge, and following a secretive narrative that is alternately meandering, raucous, blissful, hallucinogenic and uncontrollable, ZAC'S DRUG BINGE abandons the scrollable templates of the previous GIF novels to offer a new, more thoughtful way to read and interact with this innovative genre.

A recent article over at the New Yorker:

Cooper finds the GIF work “weirdly very emotional.” And with GIFs, he contends, “fictional emotional displays and ‘real’ displays are made indistinguishable.”

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