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Uta Barth In our own words.jpeg

Transmission 1: In Our Own Words

Transmission 1: In Our Own Words is a collection where artists and writers are asked to speak about their new work, ideas or projects in their own words. It is also part of Invert/Extant Transmissions for the Artist Writings series. The collection includes contributions from Ansgar Allen, Angela Bartram, Marc Beattie, Pamela Booker, Stefan Brüggemann, Sandra Crisp, Lee Deigaard, Steve Finbow, Liam Gillick, Michael Hampton, Alexander Hetherington, Douglas A. Martin, Maureen McAdams, Thomas Moore, Chris Kelso, Nathan O'Donnell, Jared Pappas-Kelley, Jordan A. Rothacker, Gary J. Shipley, Jasper Spicero, and many more.

Cover image: Uta Barth - thinking about… “In the Light and Shadow of Morandi”,  2018

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