About us

Invert/Extant is a small publisher based in the UK that seeks to shift perspectives on new writing and art.

We are looking for writers adept at changing how we see and understand the world as well as readers who are up for this challenge.


'Bataille shed happy tears for a cousin he does not know, whom he thought dead on a ship sinking, only to discover he still lives, to be here yet not, in that moment when what we know collapses yet we are still here.' Puzzled by his reaction with this shifting of perspective—and linking it to the allure of art in general, he observes impossible and yet there it is.


This shift is at the center of what we do. Invert/Extant fosters this unanticipated capacity to take our breath away, to catch us unawares, revealing the world inverted through its subtlety, truth, or inventiveness.

***News: We have just launched a brand new kickstarter for our first print folio by artist Jared Pappas-Kelley. Please share it with your networks and check it out. Helps support future folios and projects through Invert/Extant and a great way to own art and the first instalment from the project: Folio 1 - The Quiet Life and What it Portends

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