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Invert/Extant is looking for novel length or writings about contemporary art that rethink how people discuss and approach these ideas. We also have an interest in artist writings as a form. We value fresh approaches and experimentation in fiction and work that confuses us in the best possible way. Invert/Extant overturns what we think we know, changing how we see and understand the world through writing.


We are currently looking for interviews with significant contemporary artists or writers that are in line with our vision for the online Transmissions series (which will also be considered for future book publication). Please drop us a note if interested.


We are not currently accepting unsolicited submissions for full length book manuscripts, but please join our newsletter for information about future dates for upcoming open reading periods and releases. (upcoming calls: novels as well art writings)


There is also an open call for a feature on the instagram page Invert/Extant.

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