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Feature: Marc Beattie - "I am (Saucy) Jack’s complete lack of Surprise"

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

By Marc Beattie

I’ve thought a lot, perhaps too much, about this idea of delineating the process of developing work, prior, post and in the Acoughalypse, about someone recommending my inclusion and your general helpfulness and positivity.  

The fact is if I were more successful at writing about the nature of the stuff I’m interested in, I may not make this type of work.

Nevertheless, this image and type of colour of the text is more congruent with the subject matter, manner of communicating, and response to some of the Work I post on Instagram (It’s based on the disorientating colour of a garage door and notice near the pub I used to go to in Basingstoke thirty years ago).


‘I am (Saucy) Jack’s complete lack of Surprise’ (excerpt from an unrecorded and unwitnessed conversation, somewhere) ... I wish I were more strategic like Zodiac, using drawings and photography, and Instagram itself, more effectively, like taunting postcards from the l/edge of a back room goading the Rozzers and outlining the body of work...


SutureSELF (suit yourself) 

Self poor-traits

‘Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red

Clive Barker ... black quill

“you need to put more of yourself into the work”...

‘Your Self’ storage facilities

Body as anagram... Drunken tattoo as opener... chicken scratch.... woo-nd

Skin + Etch = Sk/etch

4 REAL... for reel

Eyesore… I-sore... aye-sore... eye-saw... I-saw... aye-saw

Remember... Re:member... reem-ember

Recollect... Re:collect 

D/raw… d/rawing 

Cutting edge

Cutting/cut - up

...the act ...the act (trickle)...

 fragment ...frag/ment...

Snippet... critical... critic/all

 ... graft ... graph/t ...(autograph/t)

Signature of the artist/criminal

‘Quick one off the wrist’ 

From punch to set up

Show us your Wound

Annihilating Reality

Gina Pane ... Yoko Ono...Martin Boyce

Richey Edwards... Richie Culver...


Marc Beattie (1969) Studied at Royal Academy Schools (1991-1994). Beattie shows infrequently, often makes an exhibition of himself and gets a very poor reception in East Angular. (@marcbeattie)

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